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Lincolnshire Windscreens is fully committed to providing a high quality, efficient and friendly service for all our customers.

Our highly trained technicians strive to provide a professional service using only the highest quality parts and materials, ensuring that your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible. Whether you would prefer to come to our workshop or receive a visit at home or work, contact us now on 01522 537254 or on our 24 hour call-out number 07961 019545 to discuss your needs.


Lincolnshire Windscreens Ltd was established in February 2002 and since then we have gone from strength-to-strength. We are now one of the most trusted and experienced Lincolnshire windscreen repair and replacement companies, providing a high-quality service to a range of private and commercial customers.

Customers contact us because we provide a range of services that ensure that you get your vehicle back in the quickest amount of time, whilst knowing that the work undertaken was completed by expert windscreen replacement and repair fitters.

“We are continually committed to ensuring each one of clients receives the very best windscreen repair or replacement service, and that our procedures and work continues to further improve to ensure that our customers continue to be fully satisfied."
Dave Gregory, Managing Director, Lincolnshire Windscreens Ltd



A stone chip on your Windscreen could cause your car could to fail its MOT test. Worse still, if stone chips go untreated they may develop into a crack, which could have potentially hazardous consequences. Cracks and other damage can weaken the strength of the windscreen and affect vision through the glass.

Major damage may require the windscreen to be replaced, while minor damage can be repaired.

Zone A

Area 290mm wide, centred on steering wheel, bounded by wiped area above and below. Damage contained within a circle of 10mm may be repaired.

Zone B

Driver wiped area, excluding Zone A. Damage contained within a circle of 15mm diameter may be repaired.

Zone C

Passenger wiped area, excluding Zone B. Damage contained within a circle of 25mm may be repaired.

Zone D

Area excluding Zones A, B and C. Damage contained within a circle of 40mm diameter may be repaired. Within Zones B, C and D no two repairable areas should be closer to each other than 100mm.


If your windscreen cannot be repaired and a replacement is needed, Lincolnshire Windscreens are the professional choice for the job.

Our mobile technicians are able to travel to your work place or home to replace your windscreen or to a location of your choosing. Lincolnshire Windscreens are able to offer replacement windscreens, side glass and rear windows with a full lifetime guarantee, for as long as you own the vehicle.

Our unrivalled service is available for all car, commercial, agricultural and plant, all makes and models available in the UK, from Audi to Vauxhall. We have a large stock of windscreens and glass, and in the rare case where we do not have your windscreen in stock; we can normally have it ready to fit the very next day.

When choosing who to use for replacement windscreens, always ensure that the glass you are going to use is new glass, (not reclaimed), a must to ensure your safety.

At Lincolnshire Windscreens we endeavour to use glass from the original manufacturer of your vehicle, but on occasion we may use glass from other accredited suppliers. Rest assured, we will only ever use glass manufactured to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards.

Our windscreen replacement technicians will always complete the job promptly and professionally and return your vehicle to its original state. We also dispose of glass through environmentally friendly sources.

It goes without saying that we will always embrace the latest innovations in the field to ensure that we protect your vehicle at all times, such as by using bonnet protectors and other devices to ensure that your car is always protected against any accidental damage.


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